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Acroyoga Teacher Training

Full details on our upcoming Acroyoga Level 1 Teacher Training in Mysore, India. Sound good? Take a read and reach out with any questions.


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An opportunity to get on the mat, wherever you are, and connect. See you there..

What I learned on my first 40 day Sadhana

I’m 12 days away from completing my first 40 day Sadhana. 40 days of the same practice - asana, pranayama, meditation - on the days I want to practice, and the days I don’t. It’s been an enlightening experience, it’s challenged me, and it’s created a shift in the way I view my practice. Read more…

My morning routine

I’ve noticed that most people I’ve gotten to know well have a specific routine first thing out of bed. In my experience it is a crucial time of the day to set the intention, mood, and direction of my day. I see a clear correlation between what I do the first hour out of bed and how my day unfolds. I’ve experimented with a handful of morning routines/practices, and recently I’ve hit a nice stride in my mornings. Read more…